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Choosing Your Web Hosting Provider, VPS or Shared

May 25, 2012
by Jonathan Watkins

Choosing your web hosting provider when you take your business online is just one of many tough decisions you’ll face, but it is also one of the most important.

With the success of your website depending on a number of factors, selecting an appropriate provider can have a large impact on whether it will sink or swim.

Most importantly your provider will have a direct correlation with performance. Depending on which type you opt for, the downtime will vary, however in order to attract more users you will want to make this as little as possible.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are becoming an increasingly popular option as an alternative to shared web hosting. The price of VPS does not dip as low as its adversary’s, though for performance and reliability it trumps shared hosting.

With shared web hosting, the server you are relying on will also be used by a number of other users. The shared environment invites high amounts of traffic due to the vast amount of users, and the likeliness of encountering issues is far higher than having a personal server.

In contrast to this VPS provides you a personal server which only you can use, along with possessing the advantage of customizing it how you deem necessary.

By having your own virtual space, you can adjust the settings to your preference, enabling web masters to make changes when needed. In comparison, restrictions are set by shared web hosting providers due to other users sharing the service. This can cause problems when wanting to utilize your own operating system.

In relation to this, security also becomes an issue. With security software defined by the provider, you may be unable to install appropriate protection for your website. Obviously security is an important issue for your website, meaning the decision on which hosting solution to select should definitely take into account security software and options.

Despite the evident advantages, an important factor when selecting any services or products sways the decision back to shared web hosting; cost. Businesses will most likely have a specified budges when it comes to choosing selecting a package, and VPS will have a higher price.

This is one of the main reasons companies will select shared web hosting, occasionally just based on the cost rather than adequately researching the options. When looking into VPS though, businesses should see it as an investment rather than an extra outgoing. Ultimately, the price outweighs shared hosting, but so do the advantages.

The final difference to consider is the bandwidth and disk space that each offers. The amount is often defined and depends on the package you sign up for, with the higher the price, the higher the options available.

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