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  ( May 25, 2023 )
Speed connectivity is really fast.
I picked GTHost web host because it was well reviewed online, with many reviews mentioning great customer service, and their tech support proved that reputation correct. Wanna thank GTHost team. They offer everything for both the low level user up to the high traffic corporate sites. My site has high traffic and their speed connectivity is really fast.


  ( May 23, 2023 )
Good Technical Support.
I can say that GTHost is a trustworthy web host. They're consistently innovating, adding new technology to their hosting, adding new staff with the knowledge I can't even comprehend. I have an issue in one small area Technical Support almost impossible to get them on the phone and the live chat service is really a hit or miss you never really know when they will be available. It places a high value on customer support and it shows.


  ( May 16, 2023 )
GTHost Dedicated Server has wonderful features
I am satisfied with GTHost provider. The representative whom I contacted via live Chat offered me concrete guidance through the sales process. I highly recommend their hosting service to everyone. Speed is fast.


  ( May 11, 2023 )
Performance is excellent
GTHost is one of the best hosting platforms for beginners. Well, I have been using their service for 3 months now! The dedicated hosting service is amazing, especially the business one where you get unlimited everything + SSH access + 24/7 support. Performance is excellent, twice as fast as the last host on both upload and download.


  ( April 26, 2023 )
Pricing and reliability are also superb.
I'd recommend them to anyone looking for reliable host. My page was attacked by script kiddies on several occasions and GTHost responded quickly and effectively, helping to harden my site against further attacks. Pricing and reliability are also superb. I couldn't be happier.


  ( April 24, 2023 )
Profesional and courteous.
I'd like to share my experience using GTHost dedicated hosting service. I don't have much experience with other web hosting services, so it's hard to compare, but so far I've been impressed that my support tickets get answered quickly by people who seem to be technically savvy. The technical guys are very helpful, profesional and courteous.


  ( April 18, 2023 )
The setup of my webspace was quick.
It was very hard for me to find a good dedicated hosting provider for my needs located in the USA. I have changed many web hosts and can express the point that GTHost beats them all.. it is really stable host with knowledgeable staff. The setup of my webspace was quick and professional!


  ( April 11, 2023 )
Good server performance.
I'd recommend GTHost e-commerce hosting to anyone who asks me which host he/she should choose for any type of website. They provide monitoring, pro-active support, technical support 24/7, and improved server performance. Thanks.


  ( March 27, 2023 )
Reliable dedicated server host.
My site is always up. I've never had any down time. Never had any problem with GTHost dedicated server host. My previous host charged my credit card for renewal and the site disappeared. I have never had a single problem with them and highly recommend them to both beginners and experts alike. They also have speedy customers service.


  ( March 24, 2023 )
GTHost responded very quickly.
From the beginning stages of design to the customer service and support, GTHost listened to our needs, responded with speed and professionalism far beyond our expectations and continues to deliver an excellent service at a more than competitive and fair price. I have had a few problems getting the website to work, but the guys have solved the problems straight away or responded very quickly.


  ( March 20, 2023 )
Excellent customer service.
I cannot recommend GTHost highly enough. Servers are reliable and fast, the platform offers all the best features required to run a successful blog, and the excellent customer service keeps me a loyal customer. They offer one-step installs of many popular applications. Thumbs up!


  ( March 14, 2023 )
GTHost is #1 in instant server hosting.
With as easy a setup as this was, I can now focus on what's important, bringing in new clients, sites and hosting. GTHost instant server hosting is more than I can wish - free domain, great price, and lots of space and traffic. Recommended.


  ( February 24, 2023 )
Feature-packed web hosting packages
The affordable packages, cheap domains are one of the reasons that GTHost.com server hosting has become one of the most popular web hosting packages in the past. The free migration service is a real bonus, freeing up my time to do other things whilst they migrate my current websites across to their servers.


  ( February 22, 2023 )
Everything is very easy to use
My photography site works great with GTHost server hosting. They are no longer very cheap, recommended! They manage my domain, hold my site, are always available and I have had other vendors contact me with better prices, but couldnt compete in the services delivered.


  ( February 15, 2023 )
They have great plans and lots of server features.
Been in the design business for 3 years and have moved my sites many times. Vista based hosting with a simple account interface, well worth the slight extra cost. Had one issue setting up an SSL account and they went the extra mile to resolve it to my satisfaction. I am fully satisfied using GTHost.com services.


  ( February 10, 2023 )
great instant server hosting service
Ninety-nine percent of the time, it's my inexperience or lack of knowledge that's the problem...and still, GTHost comes to the rescue every time. This web host provides great instant server hosting service and professional tech support!


  ( January 30, 2023 )
GTHost is really good!
Finally I signed up with GTHost instant server hosting. I had no idea about them but after three months I can about them and it is really good. I love this web host and can highly recommend their hosting based on ssd storage to others. They are really damn good at web hosting. Their interface is so easy for me.


  ( January 27, 2023 )
All in all they have been the best.
If you are even considering switching to a new hosting provider... switch over to GTHost dedicated hosting without looking back. It has been comforting knowing that we are bringing this relationship into the new business. Thanks for the great hosting experience.


  ( January 24, 2023 )
They give you a lot of tools in the dashboard.
What I can say about GTHost reliability is that I work from home, and it is super important to have 100% uptime. As for their tools, they give you a lot of tools in the dashboard. You won’t need half of them..buuut they are all nice to have just in case. It has been comforting knowing that we are bringing this relationship into the new business. I highly recommend them.


  ( January 23, 2023 )
Good speed, uptime and features.
The customer service, technical team is outstanding and they have helped me with issues that no one else has been able to figure out. I've been amazed by GTHost fantastic support I have received in getting the site up and in customizing the functions of my gallery. I have Paris dedicated server - good speed, uptime and features.

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