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  ( December 24, 2012 )
JollyworksHosting Review
jollyworksHosting.mukhang pera na hack nga website ko dati yun www.paload.net ask pa sila bayad para back up daw yun website ko.kasi ba hack meron ba ganun.meron kana nga problema.meron pa isang problema hindi sila mag trabaho kung walang pera.kaya ginawa ko.ako nalang gumawa ng paraan delete ko website ko na woldpress tapos upload ko ulit yun content ng website ko para balik sa normal.madali sila mag process ng payment kung meron ka problema.matagal sila respond ng spport ticket ganyan ang service nila.mora nga pero poor customer service


  ( November 30, 2012 )
jollyworks hosting fast hosting but sometimes get down usually midnight www.paload.net is my domain i hope you can fix your down times usually night or midnight


  ( March 27, 2012 )
Who write the reveiw; Good one by themself; and BAD those who problem from them. JWH guys has no technical knowledge; always blame it on your website. support works only 12X6 Never opt for Advance pay. too many websites on small server.


  ( March 15, 2012 )
You'll need a Dedicated Server htniosg plan for that much data. There are lots of htniosg companies out there, but I really like the customer support and service that hostgator provides.Their high-end Dedicated Server plan has at most 2 x 80GB SATA drive


  ( March 02, 2012 )
This service sucks. Support people have no idea about critical stuff. The servers are overloades over and over. maybe overselled or something


  ( January 16, 2012 )
I have been hosting my website with JollyWorksHosting and never had a single problem with them. When I have questions their customer support answers them promptly. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for reliable hosting in lower price.


  ( January 01, 2012 )
One of the biggest mistakes of my life is to sign up with JWH hosting company. Multiple downtimes in the past 2 months and their support department don't have any idea about technical stuffs and will not refund my 1 year payment!. A fly-by-night reseller!


  ( November 18, 2011 )
Jolly Works Hosting is the best, reliable and affordable web hosting I've ever used. If I have a question, their support is superb, they reply fast. Hassle-free payment, you can also pay thru GCash. Highly recommended and sulit talaga! Thank you again!


  ( November 18, 2011 )
I Highly recommend jollyworkshosting! They don't just offer a great services but their support team are always there to help you, you don't have to wait 24hours to get a reply from them.


  ( September 22, 2011 )
JWH is very unsatisfactory at this moment as of Sept 2011. I have a site and just around 80% uptime. Common the 100% host-tracker is only a deception. I am considering to change hostings if you cant KEEP the UPTIME as ADVERTISED.


  ( April 25, 2011 )
While there have been hiccups (two) with JWH's server reliability in the past months, the prompt customer & technical support response makes up for them. All in all, inexpensive hosting with great support. Best for startup web developers. I have V


  ( February 03, 2011 )
Their server is always down, just check out my site picnsnap.com is hosted by them! 10% uptime 90% downtime. see as i write this review my site is down again! Why dont they tell the truth that they can't handle this kind of issue!


  ( January 28, 2011 )
server is always down / unavailable. speed is extremely slow. tech support takes 10,000 years to respond or no response at all. typical fly-by-night reseller of burst.net billing is fast! really fast! they want to bill you ASAP


  ( January 18, 2011 )
really rubbish IDC one week two down times And they have many limitation of cpanel. you can't use cpanel to add domain. you should add domains after you submit you doamin to the ticket.So shi-t IDC.


  ( January 18, 2011 )
so unstable hosting, It's down when I bought it. and it's down again now.It's about two weeks. And the cpanel can't add domain.It's strict for the dns of the domain added. Suck custom service. I never see so bad IDC.


  ( January 04, 2011 )
I use this hosting service and now the server is down again for hours. This is the second time. I am looking forward to upgrade to a VPS account with them but with such things happenning perhaps I will move on to a new reliable host


  ( November 01, 2010 )
Jolly Works Hosting is just soooo great! It's cheap but you still get quality and premium service! Highly recommended! For all webmasters out there, you're losing a of your money if you're still not on JWH's hands


  ( September 21, 2010 )
The most affordable web hosting. Their support team is very reliable and fast.


  ( September 20, 2010 )
Great service, everything I could need, and very helpful when I have any issues.


  ( May 05, 2010 )
Bad support. Bad services.


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