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Prices from $8 to $119
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  SolVPS delivers virtualized Windows® hosting solutions to users around the world. Our worldwide presence, encompassing server locations in the USA and Europe, affords end-users and businesses streamlined, high-performance Windows VPS hosting for services, applications, and private networks. We believe that our pure SSD cloud hosting platform outperforms nearly all competitors on the market.

Contact Information:
Address: Los Angeles California 90210 United States
Phone: +1 (310) 421-9099
Fax: +1 (310) 421-9098

Last Update: 05/28/2014


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3 Latest Reviews

  (November 17, 2016)
They are very professional and have designed a user friendly website.
I chose solvps.com ssd vps service about 2 years ago and they have been all that I could hope for, with absolutely no problems since we moved to their hosting service. Very happy with Them, and would not hesitate to recommend them.

  (October 05, 2016)
I am 100% satisfied customer — SolVPS is great ssd host
SolVPS is fantastic! They manage their servers in such a way that shared hosting is NOT a problem. No one is allowed to compromise a server to the point where other customers would be affected. I applaud their support and especially the forums. 24/7 Email support is there when we need it, even in the middle of the night! Phone Support is available during the day light hours and provides a perfect opportunity to get some first hand information and assistance from a friendly voice always ready to help!

  (May 18, 2016)
Their VPS hosting in US is the best - SolVPS gets Thumbs Up!
I am happy running my websites with SolVPS. Always found the site fast in the Control Panel & site management. Their VPS in US is running fast - my sites are always up and accessible to my visitors (uptime is 99.9%). They have met my needs perfectly and exceeded my expectations the couple times I needed support. When I ran into problems using third-party DNS hosting, they were able to help me diagnose the problem, but it still would have been nice if the instructions were clearer. Uptime is Great... pricing is cheap. Their ssd is really faster than ordinary hosting. Speed is really superb. I highly recommend SolVPS to anyone looking for outstanding, friendly, and reliable web hosting services.

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