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  ( July 22, 2024 )
Good hosting for multimedia content.
Happy with GlowHost and their hosting service. Their list of extra software installations is huge and their website builder is really easy to use. Since then, I've upgraded my hosting package and began hosting video and other multimedia content.


  ( July 02, 2024 )
Well priced and pretty reliable
The support and assistance from GlowHost has been simply outstanding. No grumbles at my lack of technical expertise, just fast effective assistance virtually around the clock.


  ( July 01, 2024 )
The features are excellent.
After having a very poor experience with one of the large hosting companies I made the decision to try and get my website hosted locally. After reading many reviews I decided to approach GlowHost Hosting. Right from the start I have been in contact with the owner who has gone out of his way to help me extricate myself from the clutches of the large hosting company which was a difficult job carried out with patience and professionalism by him. To say he goes the extra mile for his customers would be an understatement, his strap line "web hosting done properly" is absolutely true.


  ( June 04, 2024 )
love their user interface.
I am very happy with my decision to host with GlowHost. I love their user interface that provides me with a great deal of insight and control over my site. My company's web site provides interactive multi-media youth care and child protection training courses. The training must be available all of the time, day and night. Since moving to GlowHost, we have had the confidence to enter an agreement with an agency that will add 2,000 students per year to our service.


  ( May 29, 2024 )
The webhosting provider to trust
When I was exploring potential hosts, I sent out several email inquiries - not only to see if they had what I required, but also to check their response time. Right away it became clear that GlowHost was ahead of the game. The several inquiries (as well as one Skype call - answered promptly) through email were all answered within hours of the inquiry being sent. Since being with GlowHost, I have had nothing but exceptional service and support from both Matt. I have since moved two other sites I manage over to GlowHost, and recommend them to anyone that is looking for a webhosting provider.


  ( May 16, 2024 )
They were absolutely fair with me!
I would say that I am convinced with the web hosting package I am using right now as it is a complete value for money. I considered Glowhost for getting a hosting account and they were absolutely fair with me! They never tried to sell a higher package just for the sake of selling one. They advised me to host my website on a cPanel hosting account on the basis of my website requirements. I am extremely happy with the service.


  ( May 13, 2024 )
The Glowhost server is extremely fast.
We have been working with Glowhost for over 2 years now. They host our online web site. The Glowhost server is extremely fast and many of our customers visiting our web site comment on that fact. There is very little down time with Glowhost, I have not noticed any interruption of service in the 2 years we have been with them.


  ( May 08, 2024 )
Good Elastic sites hosting.
I am fully-satisfied, the speed has been great, uptime is perfect - my site is always online and accessible to my visitors, and their customer support is really professional - they work 24/7 and always available, even at midnight. I am 100% happy client, highly recommend glowhost Elastic sites hosting services. They are prompt, courteous and have continuously gone the extra mile to make sure everything is running smoothly. Definitely recommended.


  ( October 31, 2023 )
Available for emergencies.
Great Hosting and great support. Glowhost servers, support and uptime is superb. The relief at having a host that answers all emails with lightening speed, is available for emergencies, keeps things running smoothly with virtually no down time, is extremely helpful and pleasant, and constantly tweaks to make improvements.


  ( October 06, 2023 )
They have great polite staff
I've been GlowHost customer for more than 2 months. It's very difficult for me to find words to express my feelings about their excellent support – these guys are very friendly and responsive. The databases and CMS work great. They have great polite staff and that is why I was pleased to communicate with.


  ( September 27, 2023 )
Well done!
I'm extremely impressed with the technical support and uptime of GlowHost services. Been with their shared hosting for 3 month, yet they havent tell us anything about moving to the latest version of mysql. What I mean here is that they let you know early and let you prepare for it first.


  ( September 06, 2023 )
Reliable wordpress hosting.
You can trust glowhost, their wordpress hosting plan is superb. I am very happy with their service. And the response is quick and always helping, even at 2am in the morning. I really wonder if they ever sleep.


  ( August 29, 2023 )
I highly recommend Glowhost hosting! Too bad that 5 is the max. I can give them, but they get a 5 out of 5 for service/helpdesk, without a doubt.


  ( August 23, 2023 )
The servers are top notch!
The techs have been professional and helpful at all times. Glowhost guys are great. If I could pick one work to describe you, it would be "reliable". Keep up the excellent work.


  ( August 16, 2023 )
Great web hosting provider.
Well, Glowhost is a great web hosting provider. Everything I asked for was completed, including setting up my Tomcat server to the exact same configuration from my previous host. They even suggested ways to make my app better, which was amazing. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


  ( August 11, 2023 )
The tools are helpful.
I am glad to use Glowhost SSD hosting services. They also offer the opportunity to install up to 300 CMS in one click. The tools are helpful, scripts are ready to install, customer support is really responsive and know how to solve any troubles. I had no outages and this is cool. I like this web host and can highly recommend their hosting services to others.


  ( August 04, 2023 )
Thumbs up!
I've been using Glowhost web host for the last couple of months. They also provide live chat support, which is great for me if I get myself in trouble with my VPS with them. I currently do not host my main website with them, as it's hosted on another network, however, my premium and free hosted services are with them. Thumbs up!


  ( July 04, 2023 )
you will get what you pay for.
I have used over 10 different hosting providers and I'd put Glowhost up there with the best of all. They are also a bit cheaper than I paid to my previous hosts. Also, the pricing is fantastic, - you will get what you pay for.


  ( July 03, 2023 )
We're very happy.
Reasonably priced web hosting provider. We're very happy. I am also extremely happy with Glowhost site builder and the control panel. It makes it so easy to build a website that even someone like me, who has no web experience whatsoever, can do so. The templates look very nice and the builder is very easy to use.


  ( June 13, 2023 )
I recommend them to everyone.
Choosing Glowhost to host my sites was one of the best decisions I've made. I appreciate the service and am thankful for the people who are available to help me when I need it. I just can't say enough about their products and services. It is amazing! I have run successful web businesses for about 5 years, and have had them hosted at quite a few hosting providers and eventually left in frustration over the lack of tech support or ineffective tech support.

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