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  ( February 10, 2023 )
great instant server hosting service
Ninety-nine percent of the time, it's my inexperience or lack of knowledge that's the problem...and still, GTHost comes to the rescue every time. This web host provides great instant server hosting service and professional tech support!


  ( January 30, 2023 )
GTHost is really good!
Finally I signed up with GTHost instant server hosting. I had no idea about them but after three months I can about them and it is really good. I love this web host and can highly recommend their hosting based on ssd storage to others. They are really damn good at web hosting. Their interface is so easy for me.


  ( January 27, 2023 )
All in all they have been the best.
If you are even considering switching to a new hosting provider... switch over to GTHost dedicated hosting without looking back. It has been comforting knowing that we are bringing this relationship into the new business. Thanks for the great hosting experience.


  ( January 24, 2023 )
They give you a lot of tools in the dashboard.
What I can say about GTHost reliability is that I work from home, and it is super important to have 100% uptime. As for their tools, they give you a lot of tools in the dashboard. You won’t need half of them..buuut they are all nice to have just in case. It has been comforting knowing that we are bringing this relationship into the new business. I highly recommend them.


  ( January 23, 2023 )
Good speed, uptime and features.
The customer service, technical team is outstanding and they have helped me with issues that no one else has been able to figure out. I've been amazed by GTHost fantastic support I have received in getting the site up and in customizing the functions of my gallery. I have Paris dedicated server - good speed, uptime and features.


  ( December 26, 2022 )
I have nothing but good experience!
Firstly I would just like to praise Alex for his assistance with my sign-up. He was patient, informative, and delightful to deal with; I feel very at home with GTHost.com as a result. I very much appreciated his patience working out some technical issues with the billing of my account. I have nothing but good things to say about his character and intelligence as far as I gathered. All in all, I think Michael must be a stellar employee and I look forward to working with him again in the future.


  ( December 20, 2022 )
Rated 5 out of 5!
I was in 2 minds to choose another medium sized web hosting company after my bad experiences with previous hosting provider of the same size, however the guys at GTHost dedicated hosting were available every time I needed them, moving all my clients websites over has been a breeze and the service and assistance has been amazing (And free!) will continue to recommend to all my design customers! Rated 5 out of 5!


  ( December 16, 2022 )
Value for money is perfect!
I've had my website hosted with GTHost for a couple of months now and the service quality and reliability has been superb. Value for money and their support staff is excellent, I stay 1000s of miles away, I dont feel it, cos their service is cool.


  ( December 08, 2022 )
Good Amsterdam dedicated hosting!
My Co-worker recommended me to choose GTHost Amsterdam dedicated hosting, so I decided to give them a try. When I contacted them, their support was patient and explained what I would receive. I have also opened many ticket for various issues, every ticket they responded in reasonable time. The technical team is really good. Hope my review will be helpful for you, guys!


  ( November 28, 2022 )
Thumbs up!
I've tried several webhosts, but GTHost is by far one of the top best: the servers are always up - the 99% uptime many webhosts claim to have in this case is 100% true - and the admins are always there; contact them and you'll be answered in less than 30 minutes. Thumbs up!


  ( November 25, 2022 )
GTHost tech support is second to none!
A colleague suggested that I switch to GTHost.com from my previous host quite a while back. I put it off for ages thinking it was going to be a complicated and laborious task but after numerous issues with my previous host I decided to make the switch. I now wish I had listened to my colleague and done it sooner. The level of support and technical expertise provided by the team at GTHost is second to none.


  ( November 22, 2022 )
Instant server setup took 10 minutes.
Reminders were always prompt and friendly, and the transition from being on trail membership to full function was seamless. GTHost instant server setup took 10 minutes. It is rare to find such professional service in a web hosting provider these days.


  ( November 09, 2022 )
Fully satisfied user!
Well, I switched to GTHost from my previous host and to tell you the truth this cool web host has been better than the big, well-known one. I felt it was just too much, but I sent it in anyways. After few hours, my account was fully verified. My sites loads faster, support is 100 times better and it's half prize.


  ( October 26, 2022 )
Extremely fast web servers!
I am blown away regularly by how great their instant dedicated hosting service is. Everything positive I've read about GTHost has turned out to be true. I can recommend them. Things which I like: extremely fast web servers, absolutely friendly, professional communication, flexibility and room for growth within their system should I need it, options like SSH/sFTP and Wordpress installation.


  ( October 24, 2022 )
A happy customer, many thanks.
I have a number of sites I host with them and I would not hesitate to recommend then to other people. GTHost offers excellent value for money with lost of great features for what I consider a very reasonable price. I set up my service on a Monday afternoon and my account was set up by early that evening. A happy customer, many thanks.


  ( October 13, 2022 )
The tech support people respond very quickly!
Really nice web host. GTHost is a great instant server provider (setup takes over 10-15 mins). The tech support people respond very quickly and their explanations are clear and effective. My site is extremely simple and I've always been a little embarrassed that my host provides a huge set of tools that I never use.


  ( October 07, 2022 )
Uptime in my experience is 100%!
Uptime in my experience is 100%. Finally found a host that really takes care of its clients. Each of the ones I rejected had show stopping reasons for rejection: speed or reliability issues, lack of critical features, forced ads or something else. GTHost has no such problem.


  ( September 15, 2022 )
Wonderful network and server uptime!
The flexibility of GTHost storage dedicated server hosting is fantastic and has allowed us to move our business forward in a way which we could not have considered before without investing in dedicated servers and an admin. Highly recommend this provider to others.


  ( September 12, 2022 )
Nice hosting experience!!
Uptime on the hosting has been flawless, as far as I know. Recommended. GTHost UK server hosting is great and good web hosting provider. Thank to this web site I was able to created so nice web pages.


  ( September 02, 2022 )
Best instant server hosting service
If your server is fast, if you are getting help in time that means that you are with good provider. So I’m. I have a dedicated server account in the USA with GTHost and have all the stuff described above. Recommended.

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