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  ( April 24, 2023 )
Sales rep was responsive, thanks.
I've had several websites on NetShop-isp.com.cy shared hosting account for the last several years and are very satisfied. My collaboration with this hosting provider is almost 5 months now and they have always treated me with respect and given me full support to achieve my goals. Sales rep was responsive, I told him my requirements and he offered me the best hosting fit for my needs.


  ( April 14, 2023 )
Stable, excellent service!
I have no experience in webhosting l and I thought it will be really hard. All I wanted was up and running website and adequate support. I have heard of NetShop-isp.com.cy from a friend who is really happy with their services and right before I was about to give up, I decided to give it a try. And i am happy I did.


  ( March 24, 2023 )
Stable UK server hosting.
Transferred four domains, website and blogsite from another hosting provider to NetShop ISP UK server hosting. They provide me with high-tech hosting services. I've been using them for 9 months and during the time my web site is always online which really meets my expectations.


  ( March 20, 2023 )
Reliability is great.
The servers are fast enough to handle e-commerce. I've been with NetShop ISP ssd host for about 5 months now and have to say their reliability is great. My sites are in trusted hands.


  ( March 13, 2023 )
Good Web Host
I do not have any problem with NetShop ISP web hosting, didn't see any downtime with my site. Speed is pretty fast, visitors of my site are happy.


  ( February 22, 2023 )
Great value hosting service!
For me it is the principal aggregate value. NetShop ISP dedicated server hosting is a little expensive in comparison with other hosting sellers, but it is very very difficult to find elsewere such a support service.


  ( February 14, 2023 )
Server uptime is great!
Well, my experience with netshop-isp.com.cy UK vps hosting has been nothing but superb. Server uptime 99.99% and support i rarely use it since i am a webmaster.


  ( February 08, 2023 )
Our fast-growing natural-health products company relies on our ecommerce. Having done serious research, NetShop ISP was recommended as being hands-down the best. It is inexpensive yet still offers everything I need to run a fully functional website. Recommended.


  ( January 30, 2023 )
Excellent customer service.
With NetShop ISP reliable uptime, great tracking and admin controls, I don't have to wasting my time. I've tried few other hosting providers and have finally found the one I can stay with. I recommend this web host because it provides excellent customer service. I don't have to running around looking for help or wasting my time.


  ( January 23, 2023 )
Keep up the good work!
I rated NetShop-isp.com.cy 5 stars, if you have ever recieved customer support anywhere then you will understand this, you know how you get pushed from pillar to post or fobbed off because either they can't be bothered or you're not paying a premium to recieve the help or support? Well, NetShop-isp.com.cy is the total opposite! I've never had customer support like theirs anywhere, it is always timely, professional and helpful - I didn't even get moaned at when not raising a helpdesk ticket for support and using messenger to get live help and information.


  ( January 18, 2023 )
A happy client!
I'm so pleased with the level of service I've received. Keep up the good work!


  ( January 16, 2023 )
Keep up with the great job!
It is very hard to find a good and reliable hosting provider. Some web hosts offer a cheaper service, but their results are such that they can destroy your business. To everybody I know who has a website, I suggest they give NetShop ISP a try. Keep up with the great job! Whenever I needed support, they were always there 24/7.


  ( December 14, 2022 )
I love the control panel!
EASY!!! That was a major requirement in my decision making process. I examined probably 10 different web hosts and narrowed it down to two. What I liked about NetShop ISP was the inexpensive cost per great amount of disk space/bandwidth and all the options and services they provide. I love the control I get with NetShop ISP. They have many options that I probably won't even hit on many of them. MSN support would be nice, but they handle the support very well through email better than I expected.


  ( December 09, 2022 )
Hats off to this outstanding support team!
Just like to say that the support service here is outstanding! I have never had such an easy time dealing with people in terms of support...and the fact that I will never see them in person and yet they do such a fabulous job makes it even more incredible. The online live chatting with support staff is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I've been with companies before this one that took 5 hours or more to email me back with support. Hats off to this outstanding support team!


  ( November 22, 2022 )
ultimately the best!
So if you make Netshop isp hosting your choice for web hosting you have made a great choice as I did. They ensure privacy and are ultimately the best. They offer services like none other. If there is one thing i love about them the most, it is there tech Support. 24/7 and guaranteed within the hour, though i have never had to wait more that 10 minutes.


  ( November 15, 2022 )
Great speed, great support, great reliability.
I am totally satisfied with netshop isp ssd vps hosting service. My one client noticed when I switched them over and asked what I did to improve the site and email service. I told them I switched over to you guys and they are thrilled. This is very important because this client is pretty big in the USA.


  ( November 10, 2022 )
I love working with team!
I've been through some miserable hosting experiences and I have to say that NetShop ISP is the best! I've never had to wait long for a response to a question and the network performance is A. Thank you. I love working with team!


  ( October 17, 2022 )
Greatly Recommended!
Tech support is friendly, helpful, and accurate. I've dealt with many different providers in Cyprus, trying to solve many different problems. Netshop-isp.com.cy rates at the top of my list for a satisfying experience. Greatly Recommended!


  ( October 03, 2022 )
Reliable cpanel hosting!
I've been with NetShop ISP cpanel hosting for about a year now and I must say that in the last month it has improved 500%. I have had no downtime and their support is very good. Every time I need something (and it is not too often) they are always on the spot and get me a good answer. Many thanks.


  ( September 29, 2022 )
My query was dealt with thoroughly and with patience!
I called this morning for some Netshop-isp.com.cy technical advice. My query was dealt with thoroughly and with patience. The person on the phone was friendly and professional - and knew the system very well. I was very pleased with the response. The support is very friendly and they answer quickly.

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