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A Robust Virtual Private Server For Minecraft Or ??

October 12, 2012
by Priya

If you have pre-teens in your house you must have heard about the world of Minecraft. This very simple game has hordes of rabid fans all over the world hosting their own Virtual Private Servers so they can play the game with all their friends. With millions of players this game and the connections that it fosters are nothing short of legendary.

In 2010 a Swedish man by the name of Markus Persson, a video game designer and programmer, was working on a coding project when he developed the game. "Notch", as he is affectionately known, now works on other games while his baby continues to grow across multiple platforms including PC (the fav), Linux, XBox 360 and even Mac.

There are numerous public Minecraft servers and, as with any public platform, there can be those bent on disruption that can ruin the experience for many players. That is why having a hosted VPS can be the ultimate way to play with only those people you choose to include. This is a game, similar to Lego blocks, and building with others is much better than building alone.

A managed hosting provider can get you up and running right away with an impressive uptime commitment of 100% which will mean that your server will be popular and sought after. The added flexibility provided by your hosting provider can make this choice more attractive than a Minecraft server which is more restricted.

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