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Top Reasons to Use VPS for Your Hosting

October 19, 2012
by Sirman P.

Minimizing resource usage while increasing IT performance of your business can be achieved by using VPS hosting. This is one way that your business can go green and decrease energy use. You are using a technology that is private and not shared hosting. VPS hosting uses a single server that has been split into smaller servers for better security and management. There are many reasons why VPS hosting is beneficial for your business.

Cost Savings

Companies that have more than one website can use a VPS solution for each. This will save on the cost of using multiple dedicated hosting servers. The use of VPS hosting is the cheapest option that is available for a business to manage their data on a private server. You will also not be paying for any costs required for upgrades or maintenance.

Potential for Growth

A business that starts out small can use a VPS hosting solution to avoid problems with growth. The use of a VPS prevents the slow loading of web pages due to overloaded equipment. Your data is available anytime for you or your customers to access.

Security and Privacy

You can choose to have a managed or non-managed option for your hosting account. This means that a business can pay extra for the hosting service to manage the account or manage data manually. The use of a VPS hosting solution provides an individual IP address, password protection and firewall. You can ask your service provider about privacy and security measures for your account.

Support and Control

A VPS hosting account needs will include 24 hour support for any issues or problems. You can contact your provider by phone, email and even online chat. Control and access of all data and applications can be performed anywhere you have an internet connection. All you need to do is access the control panel for your site to obtain needed data or to edit content for your website.

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