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Understanding The Benefits of VPS

June 06, 2012
by Jonathan Watkins

Once you’ve discovered the definition, purpose and fundamentals of Virtual Private Software (VPS) you’re probably wondering what the advantages are and why it is currently warranting so much attention.

Below you will not find the definition of VPS, as the presumption is that you are already aware of the basics, the information below covers the benefits, advantages and technical superiorities it possesses over its competitors.

Firstly lets assess the major attribute consideration when purchasing any product, service or solution; price. It’s always a factor, especially for small businesses, and the cost of VPS surpasses its adversaries’.

Through the impression of having your personal server, but still technically sharing one, VPS can afford to lower its prices due to segmenting one physical server into partitions and having a number of users chipping in for the costs.

Compared to Dedicated Servers, the price is significantly lower despite still maintaining similar features such as memory, CPU and network bandwidth. Ultimately, VPS takes the attractive specifications of Dedicated Server and the price of shared hosting, offering the customer an appetizing mix of both.

Now, when VPS’ technical specs are explained below, take into account that most of the advantages are also present in dedicated servers, however the attraction is that VPS offers these similar specs are being offered at a lower price.

So to continue, another benefit of VPS is that it allows the option to increase your number of websites while still enlisting the same server. While this may be possible on a shared server, the removal of other websites traffic with VPS boasts a distinct advantage, with all the websites running smoothly. In relation to this, VPS also allows your website to grow due to its flexibility.

The isolation that comes with VPS serves as a huge advantage for users, with other websites that would normally affect yours with shared hosting, being seemingly obsolete. This means increased speed, less traffic and above all the data contained on your server stays safe with you solely.

On the topic of traffic, VPS will also lend you a helping hand your traffic is at its peak. While shared hosting does not aid you get through times with high traffic, VPS will free up extra resources automatically directing you through the heavy traffic.

Also differing from shared web hosting is the root access you gain through control panel interface. This enables you to operate certain parts of the server such as configuration changes and system software installation.

Configuration changes can also be made by having your own operating systems; this is a major benefit of VPS as it can run its own system, leading to the ability to install any software that runs on the respective operating system and make configuration changes depending on your needs.

From an administrative point of view, you are able to reset your VPS personally, rather than ringing up a data center to have the task completed. As well as this you can also monitor resource utilization for CPU, disk space and system, along with viewing details of traffic statistics.

Following the discovery of what a VPS is, what it does and how it can benefit you, it should now be more evident why there is so much hype and attention surrounding it. Ultimately, the benefits outweigh shared web hosting and the price trumps dedicated servers. While the latter remains the elite server when considering attributes, VPS comprises an intriguing mix of its most desirable factors and offers them at a lower price.

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Jonathan is a senior writer covering web hosting and tech news on FindVPSHost.com. Jonathan graduated from the University of Brighton with a BA (Hons) in Journalism and has been working for various websites, magazines and newspapers.

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Greg Merecka (January 07, 2015)
Great Article. I would add the flexibility and instant scalability of a VPS Resources. Your Resources can be changed on the fly.


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