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  ( August 10, 2011 )
I have been with eApps for a few years and so far they are the worst hosting service by a mile, I call them hostess from hell, if you want to experience constant offline and inconsistent services and charging you for any extra support then choose eApps.


  ( November 15, 2010 )
Been using Eapps for 24 months now. Great reliability. Tech support is great - usually have an email resolution within a few hours. I'm a very technical user and appreciate the VPS and all of the customizations I can make. Their document center is huge.


  ( August 03, 2006 )
Was an eApps customer for a year. Won't respond to your emails if you have a problem, unwilling to work with you. If you call them out on a problem they don't want to fix they'll ignore you. Don't trust this place.


  ( July 29, 2006 )
These guys are the worst I've ever experienced. They hire people for 1st level support that don't even speak english! The management of this place is really bad.


  ( October 03, 2005 )
The support staff seem to know nothing about how to manage a server environment. Their solution to every problem is to keep upgrading your plan, since they clearly dont understand their server setup which is very inefficient.


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