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  ( October 13, 2023 )
Great services as always many thanks.
Really good experience. QHoster has a live chat feature that's very useful for real time problem solving. The only thing I would change is to make the interface more user friendly when editing my Web sites. And for what you get, the prices are fantastic. Lots of features!


  ( October 05, 2023 )
High quality of service.
All hosting service encounters problems from time to time, but I'm quite impressed with the resources they put into action to resolve issues quickly. I appreciate QHoster's quality of service, from the reliability of their servers to their live chat support, and enthusiastically recommend them to my clients and colleagues.


  ( September 28, 2023 )
Friendly staff.
Chose QHoster because of their web hosting policy which fits well with my own policy. I was pleased to find a serious company where we could experience a problem-free service for a change. Any issues I have had have been speedily resolved by QHoster's friendly staff and I have been completely satisfied with the service given.


  ( September 07, 2023 )
Very helpful!
We tried two other hosts before we jumped to this web host and have been completely satisfied since. We use QHoster hosting for our web and email hosting and they have been very reliable with nearly no downtime since we've been using them.


  ( August 30, 2023 )
Recommend QHoster Highly!
I can highly recommend QHoster hosting to others. I had an issue setting up SSL for one of my clients and called them. They not only knew what the issue is, but they fixed it and sent me an email letting me know it was up and running.


  ( August 23, 2023 )
It has been a great multi-site host for us.
Highly recommend this decent ddos protected web host to anyone with a website. QHoster's support gets a grade A perfection from me, reliability is as well perfect, and this site has more features and options than any web host i have used. Thanks.


  ( August 17, 2023 )
Good hosting for WordPress, Joomla, e-commerce sites.
I'd like to say that QHoster is the host you can trust. Cpanel features are unique. Pricing is excellent and the servers don't seem overloaded. I simply cannot say enough good things about this web host and the service they provide. Higher Traffic Volume and the Website Monitoring service monitors my website 24/7. Thumbs up!


  ( August 16, 2023 )
These guys are the best.
Features are very good... I like this decent web host, I'm happy with QHoster hosting. In fact, the data space limit and inode limit will be calculated also by e-mail. So value for money these guys are the best. The pros almost never do things go wrong, smooth, they don't bother you.


  ( August 11, 2023 )
QHoster web host is awesome.
They are no longer very cheap, recommended! First of all, my websites don't sell anything online and don't get huge numbers of visitors, but if I relied on my site for my income, I would think about investing in a local server for peace of mind. You will be pleased dealing with QHoster web host, dudes!


  ( August 04, 2023 )
Great service!
I am more than happy, I am amazed at QHoster services. They are solidly reliable, highly expedient at tech support, and really competitive for the pricing. Servers are stable - this is what I was looking for a long time. They are online 24/7 - this is great.


  ( July 06, 2023 )
So easy to use.
I can honestly say I am fully satisfied with the quality of their services. Recommend QHoster to others. I love my new shop! So easy to use. No need to know HTML.


  ( July 05, 2023 )
The pricing is low
I asked them tons of questions before I bought my package, and QHoster answered them all to my satisfaction. I'm a beginner and needed things explained to me in more detail and it was not a problem for them at all, so I felt confident to go ahead. The pricing is low, and the customer service is amazing.


  ( July 03, 2023 )
Everything is perfect
No doubt, their carefully designed products, and services make them stand out in a sea of competitors. There are no hidden charges as well with QHoster hosting provider. I hope that they'll keep this up. Tech support helped me with setup and installing some scripts. Everything is perfect from the domains, to the disk space, and to the bandwidth.


  ( June 23, 2023 )
Thank you!
I write to inform you of my sincere appreciation of the wonderful and great help and support rendered by your staff Tom this afternoon to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve my email problems with Microsoft Outlook and filter spam emails coming to my account with QHoster. Tom’s speedy troubleshooting, diagnosing of my Outlook email problems and resolving them without any loss of emails together with spam filtering of undesirable emails into my QHoster Jurong hosting account is most sincerely appreciated with deep gratitude. Greatly appreciate Tom for his tremendous efforts, time and hard work in engaging me over team viewer to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve problems and issues on Microsoft Outlook and spam emails. Thank you!


  ( June 15, 2023 )
Thanks for the great service!
The pricing is very good, especially for what you buy for it. I have no problem recommending your services, and as my needs change, I know where to go to upgrade. I have not found the Value or Service Elsewhere! I always recommend QHoster whenever I am asked who I use for my Singapore hosting.


  ( June 14, 2023 )
Really good SSD hosting provider
Very reliable uptime. QHoster has a very attractive pricing structure, great reliability and above all a perfect customer support. I know I'm not good at properly describing tech issues, but they always tend to find the understand and way to solve the issue. They get back to you within minutes.


  ( June 08, 2023 )
Stable UK server hosting provider!
Thanks, QHoster for exceeding my expectations for a web host. I’ve been let down in the past by other hosts and your dedication to providing a reliable, high-quality service has been a relief. It's a real bargain. Stable UK server hosting provider!


  ( June 05, 2023 )
The speed of hosting is A+.
QHoster treats their customers with the utmost respect, something that is seriously lacking in the hosting industry, and that for me is the reason I've given them 100/100 in this review. You get what you pay for – which is just about enough. Also, the speed of hosting is A+. I mean I didn’t run into any problems. And that’s what you want.


  ( May 24, 2023 )
Nice place to get Windows RDP VPS.
I have three websites and QHoster Windows RDP VPS is sufficient for me at the moment. Very good hosting provider so far. There is always a very intelligent person on the other end of live chat who takes care of your needs immediately.


  ( May 23, 2023 )
Would highly recommend!
So glad I went with QHoster for my website, they've exceeded my expectations and I am 100% satisfied with everything. They were very helpful before I signed on with them, as well as after every time I've needed assistance. Would highly recommend!

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