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  ( July 24, 2024 )
Reliable hosting for musicians.
I have to say Gigapros support is awesome! I'm an older musician, trying to wrap my mind around web design and the whole internet thing, so I need a lot of support help. They don't pretend to be the most stable US server hosting service, but they do succeed in their goal. This web host is an asset for your business. I had to contact support in the process of moving, and they got back to me within minutes especially at 1 am at night and 8am the next morning on a Sunday! All sorted within minutes too. That's service.


  ( July 22, 2024 )
Good place for dedicated servers.
I've hosted or had dedicated servers with more web hosts then I can remember, from the little guys to the very large, well known web hosts. I can honestly say Gigapros is second to none of them. Over the course of several days, was repeatedly assisted by the support team, who were instrumental in getting everything up and running properly. I've recommended all of my clients to use them as well.


  ( July 03, 2024 )
Never had major issues!
Consolidating all my sites at Gigapros VPS was a great move for my business. Prior to that I allowed my clients to choose their own hosting company for sites I built. This was a major headache due to ftp issues, lack of control panel options, and in some cases, extremely poor customer service. If I ever get stuck or have questions, Gigapros is very helpful. In short I am more than happy to recommend their solutions to you.


  ( July 01, 2024 )
The service is professional.
Before moving our Web Page to Gigapros US VPS we were using another provider who would make the changes for us (at a price). What I really wanted was a system where I could log in and manage my own pages, I tend to think as I type and make a number of changes before I am happy. The cost of doing this with my old provider was too expensive and I am grateful to the person who introduced me to this host. Today I can manage my own pages in a very easy to use package for a fair price.


  ( June 28, 2024 )
Never had major issues!
I love Gigapros US vps hosting. Never had major issues! It is essential my sites have no downtime, and I have had none since I started using this very professional provider. The network and server uptime have been perfect - my site is always up and accessible from all over the world. I am very happy I moved, especially with the level of support I have received, and will recommend Gigapros hosting from now on!


  ( June 25, 2024 )
Fast speed load of pages.
I am fully satisfied dealing with Gigapros team. They offer helpful and professional customer support team which work 24/7 and really to solve all the troubles. They provide really fast speed connectivity - my site's visitors are happy with speed load of pages. I have a couple of sites hosted with them, and I think their service is excellent.


  ( June 21, 2024 )
Prompt, patient and helpful.
Transferred a domain and asp.net website with an internal WordPress blog and a branded short name domain to Gigapros US VPS hosting provider. As a non-tech administrator, I found their service and support prompt, patient and helpful. I have never had one problem, there has been no downtime and every time I have a question it is answered quickly in most cases over Skype right away. Thanks.


  ( June 21, 2024 )
Unique features web hosting.
Nothing seems to much trouble for them and they must have patience to deal with me! I would not think twice about recommending them to anyone wishing to start or host a website. 5/5 Gigapros US VPS hosting service! They offer 24/7 helpful online support via Live chat and also Skype - it is very convenient. Double Thumbs Up!


  ( June 14, 2024 )
Number 1 host in my opinion.
I have not been disappointed. After being on crappy hosting for so long, all I have to do now is relax and manage my forum, because I know my hosting is taken care of by pros. I recommend Gigapros to everyone. #1 host in my opinion. Majority of support issues are answered within 15 minutes by the support techs. What I like about Gigapros fast vps hosting is that everything is very easy.


  ( June 05, 2024 )
Good technology and friendly stuff.
A+++ to Gigapros fast vps hosting service. It is a great web host that provides me with everything I need. Recommended! It has been very good to me and my website. I really loved their online chat to help solve any issues with problems. It wasn't complicated to setup the website and I really like the control panel. If you are searching for an uncomplicated registration process, good technology and friendly stuff, then subscribe!


  ( May 30, 2024 )
Awesome vps hosting.
I've had a few outages, since I'm a total beginner at this, and we are in a time zone at least 8 hours different from Gigapros vps hosting. But the answers were there quick as lightning, every time. Recommend their hosting to others cos their work is great. There were a couple of times the customer support person did not have an immediate answer but told me he would find out right away. I'm moving another of my site to them this week, because I am happy with my experience.


  ( May 28, 2024 )
Running a website with Gigapros is easy.
When running a server and having several of my clients on there, it is very important issues gets resolved quickly and these guys have it down, great job Gigapros fast vps hosting. They not only knew what the issue is, but they fixed it and sent me an email letting me know it was up and running. Amazing hosting pricing is amazing, they've saved a good sum of money for my future project! Thanks


  ( May 22, 2024 )
Network uptime is good.
There is no denying the fact that Gigapros hosting is much faster than my previous hosting provider - that's why I decided to continue using their fast VPS hosting. Once I had a more informed opinion I saw some good hosts including this provider and this one I chose. Network uptime is good. And I have never had a problem using their control panel. I have been using them for half of a year now and must say that this experience has been great. Recommended.


  ( May 20, 2024 )
The connections are always reliable.
I'd like to express the point that Gigapros is worth to try - their cheap VPS hosting service is based on quality. It has fantastic customer support who will help you with all aspects of getting your site up-and-running and the connections are always reliable. In a whole year, there was only one hour of service outage total. And the price is unbeatable. It has excellent pricing, a useable panel, fine customer service (I'm sure there are exceptions). Thank you for everything!


  ( May 17, 2024 )
Best host for any site
I'd recommend them to anyone looking for their own bit of space on the internet. For those wanting to run a business from a Gigapros account just remember you are only paying a USD 20 month for VPS and if you need super high performance and 100 uptime then you need to spend some money and do it properly. Too many times I see people expecting enterprise level servers and support for web hosting cost. I've gotten amazing service from them.


  ( May 15, 2024 )
Thank you for everything!
As a newbie in the hosting world, Gigapros fast host provided me with an easy way of getting up and running. The plan itself is just what I needed, and the support available is just brilliant - any time, day or night (bit of a night-owl here...) and by e-mail, phone or online chat, the skillful rep will be around to help however they can - even if its not that related to vps hosting account. Recommended.


  ( May 08, 2024 )
Top of the hosts list.
My sites don't generate a lot of traffic (I use my hosting more as a development playground) and that's one of the reasons why Gigapros is perfect for me. The uptime to be very good, and their accessibility to be total. All in all, I am happy running my sites with gigapros web host.


  ( November 03, 2023 )
A very efficient and cost-effective service.
During my experience i worked with more than several hosts, couple of them even bragging about the level of support they do offer. Gigapros, is outclassing them all by mile. Outrageously good support, which as far as I'm concerned is THE most important service a web host can offer. A very efficient and cost-effective service, ideal for our school. Easy to manage and superb customer support. Couldn't me more pleased. Really can't speak highly enough of technical customer support.


  ( November 02, 2023 )
Very pleased and well done everybody.
As a beginner on running websites and gigapros I found the terminology and the need for several passwords and log-ins confusing. I probably don't expect to use a lot of control Panel so my judgement is probably too premature. However, the support help they've given me was both speedy and most helpful to a relative beginner. The performance is faultless. Very pleased and well done everybody. Thank you very much for beeing here for us :).


  ( October 31, 2023 )
fantastic uptime.
I'd not hesitate to recommend Gigapros provider! The tech support always answers my questions within 5 minutes. And they have even given me PHP support mySQL support. These guys have fantastic uptime, and if you are a new customer, then there are tons of coupon codes out there that will save you money on your subscription.

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