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  ( December 02, 2022 )
Lots of features, very knowledgeable fast support
Very easy to use for admin. Not complicated. And also easy for my customer to go through my website! Speed of the website is also no problem now. Great job! I experienced with 2 or 3 web hosting before this but only can login to account 2-3 days after payment made. With Gigapros, an account immediately active after payment made. Thank You. Fast Service!


  ( November 30, 2022 )
Gigapros offers fantastic hosting
My attention to Gigapros started with extremely good pricing, combined with high end speed data transmission. Once I established those two were true I started moving my domains. I used your servers for a year, to host graphics for my main site. 99.999 percent up time is conservative. I encountered superb customer support.


  ( November 29, 2022 )
They are quick and very friendly
Really Good Web host! I clicked on Gigapros LIVE SUPPORT and was immediately in touch with. An IT guy spent a good 1/2 hour with me answering my questions about domains and domain transfer and the plan I was considering, etc. Thanks.


  ( November 25, 2022 )
I'm really happy
So far they have been excellent! I've used many hosts over the past 10 years, but Gigapros who I have used for the past 6 months has proven the best by far. I'm really happy with their support, they reply to support queries very instantly. A nice option for getting VPS hosting accounts in the USA.


  ( November 22, 2022 )
Cheaper than any of the competeters.
What a great price! I've gotten way more with Gigapros than i have with any other hosting provider I've been with, and the price they offer for the hosting package is way cheaper than any of the competeters. I highly recommend their VPS hosting.


  ( November 18, 2022 )
Perfect for both dedicated and VPS hosting.
Guys, I've been with gigapros hosting for several months now and I'm very impressed. My site loads quickly and support is second to none. Reliable and powerful web servers, latest version software, perfect for both dedicated and VPS hosting. They're so much cheaper and quicker to respond.


  ( November 01, 2022 )
The price is very reasonable.
I've been gigapros customer for over three weeks now - great customer service & excellent pricing make them the only choice for my web hosting needs, I'd recommend them to everyone. I've never had a problem with downtime because it always seems to be up. Besides the great support the prices are very reasonable.


  ( October 21, 2022 )
Every conversation was pleasant
Well, I looked at the pricing and they met my budget. Good host. It is a common thing that most hosting providers do not have knowledge skills on what customers do with their account, but not with Gigapros hosting in the USA. Every conversation was pleasant as they always explain everything. HIGHLY recommended!


  ( October 20, 2022 )
Fast speed hosting!
What I want to add is that network and server uptime are quite good. Easy upgrades to VPS option from shared hosting (just a checkbox). Provides value for money with features that many developers appreciate. I like Gigapros web host and highly recommend it.


  ( October 13, 2022 )
Recommend Gigapros to anyone looking for hosting.
Very reliable and fast friendly technical support. Gigapros staff has always been extremely helpful with technical queries and the response time is really quick - much better than my previous hosting company. As a freelance web designer, it’s important that hosting is reliable and fast and I have no complaints! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for hosting.


  ( October 11, 2022 )
The choice of webmail and many other things are great!
Good options, features and tools. Gigapros control panel has a myriad of things you can add to your web site from blogs to forums, cron jobs. The choice of webmail and many other things I don't even know what the heck they are. It has been the perfect web hosting provider for me.


  ( October 07, 2022 )
Excellent response time.
I can express the point that Gigapros remains the best web hosting provider I've been using them for quite a long time already. Website content transfer, domain name transfer, DNS pointing, effortless because of the professional help that was truthful, swift and accurate, plus done in a very friendly way! Excellent support, excellent response time...I would highly recommend them.


  ( October 05, 2022 )
Satisfied with the speed!
Gigapros hosting provider is good! They offer, in my opinion, the best value for vps servers based on that they give you daily offsite backups which most like my previous host charge extra for, and their support almost always gets on tickets in under 20 minutes. So value for money these guys are the best. Pros are almost never do things go wrong, smooth, they dont bother you. My host was brilliant, very polite and at the same time efficient. He was on top of the issue and sorted it all out for me faster than I had anticipated.


  ( September 29, 2022 )
My websites are in trusted hands!
I didn't have to spend much time looking for a host for our site. After asking around and reading recommendations on the web the resounding answer was 'use Gigapros' and we aren't disappointed we did. The support has been outstanding, with Gigapros staff going out of their way to help us solve any issues we've had at all times of the day and night.


  ( September 27, 2022 )
Highly recommended!
If you are looking for a good deal for hosting your wordpress web sites I'd highly recommend Gigapros solutions - The support team are available 24/7 and normally get the job done in a few minutes. In one word - Professionals!


  ( September 22, 2022 )
Speed and Reliability have been great!
Happy I'm with this great web hosting service now! Gigapros was incredibly quick to respond to my domain name problem. It is great to have gigapros tech support 24/7. Thank you so much. It is always a pleasant surprise to receive such great service online.


  ( September 20, 2022 )
Wonderful speedy hosting!
Good web host with helpful Tech Support. Gigapros is excellent all round but they absolutely excel at support and when you are building a business you really need reliable and quick support. They helped me set up my emails and website connection.


  ( September 15, 2022 )
Very swift and accurate support. Thank you!
Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your help. Even though it was not their hosting issue you stepped in and helped. I've been with Gigapros web host for 5 months and you provide the best support I've ever come across. Quick and very knowledgeable. Outstanding customer service!


  ( September 13, 2022 )
Absolutely fantastic service!
I was interested in changing my hosting provider, and I found Gigapros hosting website.. I live chatted with Cris and he answered all of my questions and was great to deal with, and gave me a great price as well. The process has been excellent so far and then I received a phone call from Michael after I made my purchase. I just wanted to let you know that gigapros has great employees that have made this experience of switching from a different provider great. Recommended.


  ( September 08, 2022 )
Good web hosting for Business
For me it's a very good solution. So far, a very happy Gigapros customer. There are full of extra features, moreover, their discount code saved a good sum of money for me. I've been generally very impressed with the quality of service and speed (both bandwidth and MySQL processing speed). Thanks.

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