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  ( August 21, 2023 )
Techs are patient, knowledgable and friendly
I give Gigapros hosting my highest recommendation. They have allways been there with a quick resolution to my questions and problems that I did not know how to fix or address. I use them for five different sites on one account and everyone of them run flawlessly. If your looking for reliable low cost hosting for your site.


  ( August 09, 2023 )
Very cheap prices all around
Staff has always been very helpful and responsive. The service is good value and we do get a good level of business from the site. We have recommended other businesses to host with Gigapros server hosting. Thanks to the team for all their help. Regards.


  ( August 08, 2023 )
The best hosting provider I've ever experienced
These guys are great. It has tailored every one of their services with performance in mind. My last provider was causing me serious issues. Would like to add that Gigapros is an amazing web host provider. If you're a business like me, trust me, you'll be impressed. The features (the automatic backups are perfect). They are a lovely team of professionals, quick to serve, and extremely helpful - I recommend them.


  ( August 07, 2023 )
Helpful Support Staff.
For me, the most important factor in choosing a hosting provider is the quality and speed of the tech support - Gigapros provider has all these features. I'd like to voice my appreciation for your Support Staff. One more important fact has to be mentioned that I have never had a downtime of my site during the whole period I have been using their services.


  ( August 04, 2023 )
Blazing fast speed hosting.
I get to experience blazing fast speed, smart routing capability - this what I like the best about Gigapros hosting services. They never complained and just did what they had to do in order to get me transferred to their server. The support is one the best, and their level of expertise is unbelievable.


  ( August 03, 2023 )
5 out of 5 stars.
Gigapros hosting provider is the most suitable one for running phpBB board, Joomla and WordPress and I can highly recommend their hosting deals for any webmaster or newbie looking for a host to run his/her web sites online. It is a very good hosting provider so far. 5 out of 5 stars. The most impressive aspect though has to be customer service.


  ( August 01, 2023 )
Great speed and uptime proved.
No doubt, Gigapros hosting service is great. Once I lost some of my account files. It was my fault and I deleted them by accident. I didn’t know what to do. They back all my files, they treat their customers with the utmost respect. I feel the most important thing in web hosting is the uptime; while everything else can have some impact on your online business, it’s the downtime that hurts the most. Speed and uptime proved that Gigapros hosting provider is seriously in business and not part-time workers.


  ( July 31, 2023 )
Good hosting for e-commerce websites.
I am here to say that Gigapros is a great hosting provider that I would recommend. My e-commerce website is always up and running as it is supposed to. I certainly have something to expect for and I am very, very happy with the technical assistance of these folks. I am also in the process of moving another site to the account.


  ( July 06, 2023 )
Pay 6, 12, or 24 months in advance and save money.
Response time is always quick, also on weekends, - the overall time to solve a problem is nice because they don't waste time asking stupid questions. Gigapros pricing is great if you pay 6, 12, or 24 months in advance. Network and server uptime is 99.999%. Thanks.


  ( July 05, 2023 )
Gigapros is my hosting Bro!
I haven't been disappointed. Gigapros techs are very helpful. This time, they were able to go beyond what I reported to him, and fix issues I didn't even know about before he mentioned them to me. I am very satisfied with this service and will recommend it to anyone.


  ( July 04, 2023 )
Techs are willing to work through any problems
Recommend Gigapros VPS hosting to others. Somewhere good but they would disappear and with others, communication seemed to be a dirty word. The hosting service has impressed me a lot. It offers me the best service and pricing are acceptable. Definitely some of the best Customer Support available.


  ( June 29, 2023 )
I needed help and these guys were very patient.
When I first moved to basic hosting with Gigapros I was floored by the quick way they responded in online chats and how easy they made it to resolve issues. When I took over the responsibility for finding a new host and uploading the sites myself, I needed help and these guys were very patient. Recently, one of my sites got hacked and I hadn't backed it for a few weeks. They replaced the corrupted files from their backup and fixed my site for me and didn't charge a penny.


  ( June 28, 2023 )
Only positive experience with Gigapros!
I know just enough to be dangerous, and Gigapros web has been great in both helping me do more and be safe at the same time. Support can be reached through MSN for immediate assistance, and through tickets/email which they respond to in a matter of minutes. So if you want an inexpensive and very functional site, this host is the way to go.


  ( June 27, 2023 )
Reliable customer service
Easy access to my data and mail, and the fastest, most reliable customer service in the industry. My customer support questions are answered within 1 hour. Gigapros offers 24/7 support and when I moved to them, they moved all of my websites to their server for free and within hours of signing up.


  ( June 23, 2023 )
Professional work!
I've been using them for about eight months now, and I think they're great! I haven't had anything go wrong. The support people are well informed about the happenings at Gigapros hosting, I know this because when you ask them something there is no delay. Low prices and reliable service but they don't support addon domains in the economy hosting package.


  ( June 22, 2023 )
Great and easy to use hosting provider!
If I've ever had issues, Gigapros is always very attentive and quick to assist in any way they can. The price is a steal too. The uptime is great, and when there are issues, which is rare, I am able to contact them within minutes either via Instant Messenger or phone 24/7 and they have the issues fixed within minutes. I wouldn't recommend any other host. It is the only host I'll ever use.


  ( June 19, 2023 )
The price is more than reasonable.
I highly recommend Gigapros hosting to anyone looking for a courteous and reliable web host provider. Got various levels of support personnel, so no issues get unresolved. I have rented a shared hosting account from these guys for almost 11 months, and whenever I need help due to my inexperience, they are always there with a quick response. The price is more than reasonable. The patience of their staff with people like me who need lots of guidance is much appreciated.


  ( June 16, 2023 )
Highly recommend it to all my fellow developers.
The price for what you actually get seems very good. My VPS is very quick. Why I stick with Gigapros mainly is because whenever I've had issues (my fault or otherwise) their support is fast and knowledgeable and can be relied upon to sort you out. Since I'm a developer, one of the main pros is having SSH access (with tunnel support) along with a good set of tools. Highly recommend it to all my fellow developers.


  ( June 14, 2023 )
I’m a very happy client of theirs.
I've been host my sites with Gigapros web host for 7 months after my old host outgrows my needs. I run a WordPress based site and I haven’t faced any issue or downtime with this provider. I have to say that I’m a very happy client of theirs. I get what I need without having to ask and that pleases me. The excellent service makes competitive prices even more attractive and that makes me happy!


  ( June 09, 2023 )
I recommend this host to new bloggers
I can't imagine being happier with a hosting service. Recommend Gigapros web hosting to other webmasters and newbies. It worked great for me until my blog started getting high traffic. My experience with my previous shared hosting wasn’t that good. I recommend this host to new bloggers, and although the price is higher than most hosts, this one is worth the money and will leave you satisfied.

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